Re: LieF ~DeaR YoU~

Original Release Title: Re:LieF ~親愛なるあなたへ~ but I feel like the English title is also official?

I think I first saw this game in a MAD in my recommended which is honestly quite unexpected considering how rare visual novels are talked about these days. As you might be able to tell, a lot of my work are heavily influenced by this game.

BG by mocha.

First of all, these visuals are absolutely beautiful, the mix of your normal moe style with some kinda realistic shading-watercolor feel. I’m no illustrator so I better not talk too much about the professional terminology but it works really well and I love it.

The style mostly came from Shizuku Shoui AFAIK

Movie design is done by Syamo, honestly super impressed with this dude’s works. (Nukitashi2’s opening got a really big haha from me)

In the music department, things are handled pretty well. 金閉開羅巧夢, a weird name which I’ve never heard of before (apparently also working on Nukitashi at Qruppo and considering Syamo also made the openings for Nukitashi they’re probably friends working together), used the alias 甘利紗陽 in the opening Re:TrymenT (which surprisingly has like 8 maps on osu! now), this alias comes from another game Traumend (edit: it’s a doujin game the same people made, which is why it wasn’t on VNdb), and I’m super confused because the logo of Traumend is recycled as TrymenT and this game isn’t even on VNdb. The word Traumend pops up a lot in Re:LieF and I don’t really understand why (edit: I do now). And for 3 of the endings, the track played is MooN LighT which I believe also comes from Traumend. Träumend apparently means dreaming in German, to be completely honest, I can sympathize with that because that’s what life feels like to me.

The rather disappointing part about this game is the plot and scenario. There’s no big turning point nor surprise and for the most part everything kinda went as I expected. Character development isn’t amazing either. REALLY disappointed at certain parts of it. After finishing the game I still have a few questions unanswered but that’s probably just because I’m too dumb.

One thing which I feel like is still worth mentioning is the program/system. It’s based on KRKR and it’s one of the worst I’ve seen. Things still work but there’s very little animation and I even encountered a bug or two, big yikes.

Looking forward to the sequel (which I think will be for all ages) mostly just for the outstanding music and visuals.

edit: the sequel is out:

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