Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide



Whenever I hear the name WillPlus my mind automatically shifts to ensemble and the games they’ve made which are as interesting as unfiltered tap water (apart from Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas and Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku o). If you had told me that, in 2011, Shumon Yuu, known for their hipster themes, had written the scenario for a visual novel of my type, released under a sub brand of WillPlus (that’s probably not a good thing…), I would’ve lost my fucking shit.

Well as it turns out, this really did happen.

And holy shit had it been a sacred experience.

Hopping into the game, the atmosphere almost feels surreal, illustration by 蛇足せんたろう (who is actually a mangaka and this is the only game they’ve worked on) renders the atmosphere in this way that I don’t really know how to describe it but it’s the type I’ve loved since when I was in kindergarten. The background music also greatly helps setting the tone of the game.

The game uses WillPlus’s propeller engine, honestly it felt pretty archaic. However, upon starting the game, I was presented with ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS and I almost shat my pants, I gotta say, they look gorgeous.

Keep in mind that this game is released in 2011, even for a game of that era, the resolution is quite low at 800×600

The quality of the opening/ending/PVs is exceptional for (my) standards of 2011. In the game’s credits, ムービー -> はらだ, I looked the name up on ErogeTrailers, and it turns out that they also made some of the other notably cool ones that I know of.

For some reasons the songs in this game have also been very memorable. The soundtrack is just purely amazing and fits the game so well that it might just become one of these things that stick around you forever, and the game itself too.

The vibes I get from those backgrounds, along with the music, feel ethereal. Good job to whichever company was outsourced to fulfill the backgrounds.

So the plot then, written by Shumon Yuu. The official genre is 奇跡と魔術の創世AVG (Creation of the world AVG of Miracle and Magic). Upon finishing my first route, I was like, damn this game is pretty cool. After the second route, I was quite amazed by how well different routes are tied in with each other. After my third route, I was pretty certain that this would be on my top 10 of all time. When I finished the entire game, to say I was absolutely blown away, is a huge understatement. Despite the different routes being extremely complex, I was also surprised by how everything made sense in the end. It’s one of those where your first route and the true route feel like two completely different games, yet the amount of foreshadowing between different routes still feels enormous. Absolutely loving the settings and the character designs. Character development and progression is also quite well done with even some of the more minor characters receiving a lot of attention within this game of only medium length.

absolutely lovin’ it, will replay this game from 2011, even though no one else really knows or cares about this game at all anymore, it remains one of my favorites

ヨダ !!!! after this game yoda only worked on 機関幕末異聞 ラストキャバリエ (2015), really hoping to see more stuff from them, the SD style is humorous and just great

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