Stylistic Choices

Recently I got to work on some CM work for BXM’s <<Otomad Secret Battle>>.

I intentionally tried to break some of my own boundaries, to be honest it didn’t all turn out that well.


This was my attempt at the “cool techy” feel, somewhat inspired by works of megakite. Tried stacking a bunch of things and it just didn’t work, turned out very stiff and I don’t actually like it that well, used a bunch of pointless expressions(ex. randomly zooming in on the background). The stripes on the left is a barcode.

Afterthought: maybe try not to treat an animation as a still image yes?

2. C8H18

I actually quite how like this one turned out, ended up doing everything in Element, it was rather fun, I know this isn’t the most exciting thing but I just want it to have that aged dusty look. Please ignore what’s actually written, I didn’t know what to write so I just brainstormed a bunch of cool sounding words and put those in, cringe tbh. The transition into the picture frame is lacklustre but I couldn’t do anything about it, there’s another lesson about time management for myself. The notes on the sheet are actually from イワシがつちからはえてくるんだ, and the title in Russian, too. The note falling out lacks impulse.

Afterthought: Really needed some specular, it does look quite bad in retrospect.

3. KeKaoJun
Pretty much stole everything from this, I’ll just call those “”””references””””

Tried to go for the cute-visual-novel-cafe-pattern-i-dont-know look, and ended up copying everything from Otome Domain’s OP. I was stuck on this one the longest (3 months or so) trying to draw, I really cannot draw, so I chose to trace over 館川まこ さん and こもわた遙華 さん’s work in the game itself.

What a disaster of workflow, didn’t turn out amazing, when using CSP for the first time I really didn’t know what I was doing and just picked up the brush tool but apparently it’s watercolor brush so I ended up painting????? Confusion…

Tried doing halftone on my own, ended up with something that works but is extremely slow, with CC 2020’s improvements to shape layers it got slightly better.

I still recommend doing it the MMaker way! but at least I ended up with something that works.

Particular just didn’t want to render motion blur so I had to switch to Stardust halfway through.

Afterthought: can you fucking draw things like everyone else?

4. Owenism (blocked by streamable, might reupload later)

At this point I didn’t really want to spend too much time on this so I thought, what would be a good way to make get the “WOW MOTION GRAPHICS” feel with very little time, the answer I came up with is of course, 3D.

my attempt at creating a 3D fractal in blender, what went wrong…?

Ended up using this crooked mess anyways, since it’s so zoomed in it’s probably all fine.

Also had fun playing with animation nodes again, not the idea solution for MoGraph, I would still prefer Cinema 4D.

fun compositing tricks
ya hoot

In the end this turned out to be the one I’m most happy with, I don’t know why.

Afterthoughts: I hate using stock footage and texture images, I think I need to change my attitude on that, trying to make everything myself is just unrealistic.


I intentionally tried to deviate from my own style and what I usually do and had a lot of fun working on those, I know they could have been so much better in so many regards but I am mostly happy with how it turned out. It became clear that lack of creativity and incompetent flow control are my biggest issues at the moment.

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